One Man’s Efforts See Uncensored GTA IV Released In NZ

gta4_ps3box_small.jpgAustralian GTA IV was censored before classification. New Zealand got the same game despite having an R rating at its disposal. The story’s been told many times but, before today, it seemed nothing more a depressing reminder of how outdated our classification system is and how NZ got caught in its crappiness.

While Oz is still fighting for games to be treated like movies and literature, NZ no longer has to deal with an edited GTA IV.

Stan Calif, owner of NZ retailer First Games took it upon himself to pay the $NZ 1400 ($AU 1130) fee to have the unedited GTA IV classified by the country’s OFLC. It took a number of weeks for events to transpire but finally, New Zealand gamers can buy the complete version of GTA IV from Stan’s store.

You can read the entire story beyond the link.

GTA IV Uncut Hits New Zealand [Geekpulp]


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