One Man’s Efforts See Uncensored GTA IV Released In NZ

One Man’s Efforts See Uncensored GTA IV Released In NZ
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Australian GTA IV was censored before classification. New Zealand got the same game despite having an R rating at its disposal. The story’s been told many times but, before today, it seemed nothing more a depressing reminder of how outdated our classification system is and how NZ got caught in its crappiness.

While Oz is still fighting for games to be treated like movies and literature, NZ no longer has to deal with an edited GTA IV.

Stan Calif, owner of NZ retailer First Games took it upon himself to pay the $NZ 1400 ($AU 1130) fee to have the unedited GTA IV classified by the country’s OFLC. It took a number of weeks for events to transpire but finally, New Zealand gamers can buy the complete version of GTA IV from Stan’s store.

You can read the entire story beyond the link.

GTA IV Uncut Hits New Zealand [Geekpulp]


  • Good for him. I wonder if he’ll ship to Australia? I still haven’t bothered to pick the game up after the whole ratings thing and their decision to region-lock the US 360 release.

  • Negative you do realise that the UK one is uncut? I got mine a few days after the release and been enjoying it ever since.

  • there’s honestly bugger all in it worth censoring and bugger all worth importing the uncensored version for. i think what i’m saying here is that it will not affect your gameplay as far as i am aware (unless you really like watching 3D models give fake handjobs?)

    still, good on that man. how about an uncensored pal no more heroes? just in case freeloader gets borked..

  • What even WAS censored? I’ve got an Australian copy and I’ve done it all, picked up whores, killed guys and seen the resulting blood, videos seem to show American version strippers are still just barely covered up by clothes, what was it?

  • BAN: there’s no such thing as a PAL uncensored version of No More Heroes, there’s a lot more involved in making that happen. Stan Calif merely went to the effort of legalising imported UK PAL copies of GTAIV.
    I’ve got the UK version for my 360 – on principal that as a paying customer I deserve the full game, even if that does include lame prostitute encounters.

  • Stan the man 🙂

    Its a joke we got aus ver, why didnt NZ get the bloody UK ver we got R18 games here ,yes were more evolved then our drongo aussie neigbours

  • its so stupid that they banned the word “bloody” in australian tourism ads over in the uk. but then the uk has a fully uncut GTA and Australia has a censored one..

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