PAL PlayStation Store Update

The PAL PlayStation Store's usual slim pickings gets somewhat of a free pass this week, as with GTA IV upon us I can't imagine too many people clamouring for PSP demos or wallpapers. It's still slim pickings, however. No Echocrome, no PS3 demos, just Ape Quest for the PSP and some Need for Speed DLC.


* NFS ProStreet Extender Pack #1
* NFS ProStreet Extender Pack #2
* NFS ProStreet Bugatti Veyron
* NFS ProStreet McLaren F1
* NFS ProStreet Snakeball
* NFS ProStreet Team Pack

PSP demos

* Ape Quest

PSP games

* Ape Quest


* Iron Man (movie trailer)
* Kane & Lynch

PS3 Themes

* Dark Sector
* Haze
* Rainbow Six Vegas 2

PS3 Wallpapers

* Haze


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