Penny Arcade Game Pimped With Flamebait

When a movie's major, above-the-title testimonial comes from Access Hollywood, Rex Reed, or a television station in New Mexico, chances are it's going to be a real turd of an operation. Penny Arcade is trying that in reverse with On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness: Episode One. They're flacking it with the rantings of an anti-Penny Arcade troll.

"Penny arcade sucks and is unfunny. please murder penny arcade and then yourself if you disagree with me," raves commenter ddf of Wired blog! He goes on to say, "this game sucks and anyone who likes it sucks. penny arcade sucks and is as funny as something that's not funny at all."

Well shit, ddf, that first one was pretty bulletproof. But the second I have two "funnys" I can lift out of context, including "penny arcade ... is ... funny!"

Destructoid did some snooping and found the guy is Denis Duckfat, a prolific, and repeatedly banned, troll on numerous comment boards since 2005. Apparently he has a fondness for William H. Macy and a loathing for anything remotely popular or fun. Sounds like a nice guy.

Penny Arcade Promotes Their Game With Flamebait from Their Biggest Critic [Destructoid]


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