Perhaps The Stupidest Anti-GTA Vid You'll See Today

Look, I'm not normally one to get all hot and bothered by the stuff people that don't play games say about game. But this rant, by CNN's Glenn Beck? As a gamer I'm stumped. But as a gamer and a history grad, I'm...less than amused. It's like a one-two punch with ignorance-coated knuckle-dusters.
[thanks James!]


    ok, he says you can be conditioned to kill by buying this game for US$60 and playing it. you can also be conditioned to kill by where you grow up and it's not like your mental stability comes into it at all...

    but what i love the most is that he only says "your sons, husbands, boyfriends, can hire a prostitute, have sex with her then beat her to death with a baseball bat."

    i wonder if he realises that girls are gonna buy this game and play it too...

    Wheres the chainsaw.. I finished the game and I never saw a chainsaw.. GOD DAMN IT THIS GLenn Beck guy must be one ultra pwn8r hax0000rlator..

    hes right. games do cause violence. deal with it.
    environment affects the mind. or did you think americans having american accents was coincidence?

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