Perhaps The World's Only Kingpin Retrospective

Ever raved to strangers about a game they've never heard of? I have! About Kingpin. Yeah, I don't know what it was about was a good shooter, but there were better shooters, it was violent, but there were more violent games...something (probably the Cypress Hill - who did the soundtrack and some of the thug's voice-acting - connection) just clicked with me, and as a bored 19 year-old uni student I played the shit out of it. So you can see why I blew a good 10 minutes on the weekend reading this excellent retrospective on the game. Why's it excellent? Because long-winded look-backs on obscure, yet heart-warming old games are always excellent.
Retro: Kingpin: Life Of Crime [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


    Yeah, fun times. It was nearly 10 years ago I played this game. I think I was in clan {BAD}. From my memory {GFC} was the most hated... lol.

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