Peter Moore Wants More "Shallow Pool" Wii Games

Cut Peter Moore and he bleeds neon green. Since last September, the former Xbox exec has been heading up EA Sports. He's had to drop the Xbox 360-is-teh-best rhetoric! Though, sometimes corporate spin habits are hard to break. Just listen to Moore describe how EA must make greater Wii efforts, like with EA's Wii game branding, All-Play:

It's like how swimming pools have a deep end and a shallow end. EA Sports has really only built a swimming pool with a deep end. It's intimidating for a lot of people to jump right in the deep end. With All-Play, we're building a shallow end.

Shallow end? Surely, there are better casual Wii game analogies. Somewhere.
EA Looks to Wii [MSNBC Thanks, ranzchic!][Pic]


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