Petition To Stop Underage Erotic Game Characters

Japanese erotic games that feature underage characters could very well could be a thing of the past. The Japanese Diet will hear a petition for new legislation that would ban a large chunk of erotic games (and adult anime). The meat of the petition is cease the indecent portrayal of underage females. A translation of the petition reads:

A Petition for the Enactment of Regulation on the Manufacture and Sale of Bishojo Adult Anime Magazines, and Bishojo Adult Anime Simulation Games

Our towns overflow with adult anime magazines and games which often depict elementary school girls, and the minds of the youths who are seduced by these games are unwittingly destroyed; they lose their very humanity, there are already incidents of young maidens being plucked from the streets and murdered. Since it is plain that our society has now become one where young girls are placed in great peril, the issue of free expression is a thing of the past. To curb these profit seeking companies with no conception of social morals, to restrict the creation of products which place young girls in peril, there is a pressing need for penal regulations and the accompanying laws.

We wish to see enacted laws restricting the manufacture and sale of bishojo adult anime magazines, and bishojo adult anime simulation games.

It'll be interesting to see how the Diet responds to this petition.

Petition [Sangiin via Neko Are Blog via Sankaku Complex]



    fair enough.

    Its not a massive step from pedophilia, if your into this shit.

    It's a about bloody time!! Even if they're going alittle Jack Thompson about it.


    Can't say I've ever understood why this stuff has been made in the first place.

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