PixelJunk Monster Encore - Wife Powered

The Official PlayStation Blog has posted details on the upcoming expansion pack to the utterly charming Q-Games title PixelJunk Monsters, due out next month on the PlayStation Network. The expansion will introduce players to Toki Island, with 15 new levels, 5 all-new music tracks from Otograph, and a few item changes to keep things fresh. Along with the new details, the OPSB have posted a short interview with Q-Games President Dylan Cuthbert, in which he explains the true driving force behind the expansion.

"...my wife simply loved the game so much she would badger me every day for more levels, so in the end I caved in."

You hear that folks? If you want a sequel or expansion to a video game, leave the devs alone. It's their spouses we want. Marriage - bringing evil plans to fruition since the dawn of history.

PixelJunk Monsters Encore details + interview [Official PlayStation Blog]


    @Dabu, re:"@orakga: Haha, how do rate the difference in picture (PJM and Blu-Rays) now that you have a HDTV?"

    NITE AND DAYE. The difference is just... AMAZING. By the numbers, the difference between 720p to 1080p is the same as 480p to 720p, but I didn't believe it until I actually played this game on 1080p. Simply amazing. There were so many textures that I didn't see in the 720p version that now POP OUT of the screen.

    It's too bad that only the PSN games come in 1080p though. I'm really waiting for Wipeout HD to come out soon so I can play a REAL game in 1080p.

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