Pixeljunk Monsters Soundtrack On US PSN Today

The best feature of PixelJunk Monsters is the music. Composed by Otograph, the musical duo of Iura Takashi and Oshima Sachiyo, it's the kind of music that you can start up on your favourite music-listening device and just lose yourself in it. Q-Games is releasing the soundtrack today on the PlayStation Network - a first for the service - and to celebrate they've posted an interview with the artists over on the Official PlayStation Blog, providing interesting insight into what goes into composing for the gamespace.

Well, for games, not only is there music, but there are also sound effects and we had to design both not to conflict with each other. For example, we tried to keep the rhythm sections and tones simple because of this. We also paid attention to giving the sound effects and music a sense of unity. The stages in Monsters are basically one screen so we attempted to use the music to expand the world beyond that for the player

Hit the link for more with Otograph, and keep your eyes peeled for the PixelJunk Monsters soundtrack on PSN today for $US 2.99.

PixelJunk Monsters Soundtrack: An Interview with Otograph
[Official PlayStation Blog]


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