Playboy Cyber Girl of the Year Is A True Player

Do Playboy models love video games? On a first meeting with Jo Garcia, it'd be easy to levy scepticism. She's Playboy's "Cyber Girl Of The Year," beating out 52 weeks of rival models in an online-only competition. It just happens, Garcia said, that she's "really big into games."

We've seen many beautiful faces representing themselves as gamers, of course; booth babes, models and even amateur cam girls using photos of themselves posed suggestively with game paraphernalia to sell products or drive web hits. Because of this phenomenon, every time you see a so-called "hot gamer chick," the temptation is to assume she can't possibly be an actual gamer.

So is Jo Garcia the real deal? Full interview - and slightly NSFW pics - follow the jump.


    You guys just wanted an excuse to post pictures of hot chicks.

    I don't think we should be suprised about women playing video games anymore. There were quite a few girls at the recent Game On exhibition in Melbourne.

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