Pokemon Platinum Announced, Due In The Spring

Yeah, you read that right. New. Pokemans. Prepare yourself (though don't get too excited). Although strongly hinted at last month (and subsequently spilled in a few Japanese mags earlier in the week), it's only now had its wraps officially taken off by Nintendo. Titled Pokemon Platinum, it's due sometime in the Spring. Those hoping for a new, full Pokemon adventure will be disappointed to hear it's just an expansion to Diamond/Pearl (much like Pokemon Yellow, back in the day). Those happy with any Pokemon they can get , however, should still be tickled pink. Click through for a couple of new, teeny screens.

[Pokemon Platinum Official Site]


    New Pokemon~!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY~~~

    Cool!! But when is it comin out in Aussie???

    when does it come out in Australia. America's release is stated as March 22 but what is the Aussie date?

    That Giratina sprite is fake. Also, there aren't any new Pokemon, only new forms.

    Excuse me kind sir, mister Bob, but that alternative Giratina sprite is a different Giratina form.

    that is a space and time form i've got arceus on diamond and pearl

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