Reeves: PlayStation Home Was Deserting Gamers

It takes a big man to admit that he made a mistake, or an even bigger company. Sony execs have been pretty candid about the missteps made in the early life of the PlayStation 3 lately, and now SCEE's David Reeves admits that the development of Home was hindered by too big of a focus being placed on non-gaming applications, such as getting together sponsors.

"In that sense we were deserting gamers. So, we're concentrating on the gaming by launching games in Home, and attracting people who are into gaming in first - instead of the Nike people, or Adidas people who are into fashion and not necessarily into gaming."

Good show! The honestly pouring out of the company has me feeling all warm and fuzzy for Sony as of late, and it's good to see they're on the right track as far as Home is concerned. Now if I could only get my PS3 working again.

Reeves: Home was too ambitious [CVG]


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