Retailer Lets Slip Australian Super Smash Bros. Brawl Release Date?


    This is as good as confirmed as as the retail signage push at EB is in full swing here after a recent visit. Id be suprised if they do not have the date.

    Topshop runs off the All Interactive Distribution database (as do a few others including dStore and DVD Crave), so I expect that this date is coming direct from them.

    AID is probably the largest middle man supplier in Australia, so I expect they are in the know.

    The same release date has been on for no less than two weeks.

    @bazuden: Well, be sure to send an email to tipsATkotakuDOTcomDOTau next time and we'll be able to give you credit. Letting us know two weeks later doesn't help anyone!

    I'm fairly sure that runs off the AID database too.

    Nintendo hasn't submitted anything to yet (I wonder if they will continue to support it?), but if the big retailers are starting to push, that's a good sign.

    I'm fairly sure that runs off the AID database/warehouse as well, so I expect that the date appeared on their site at the same time as the others.

    GAME are claiming "Availability: 19/06/2008" which is what I thought it was when I put it on preorder about a month ago.

    GAME says it's gonna be out on June 19

    @Logan Booker

    You are very right. My reclusiveness shames me.

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