Rock Band Saves Couple's Marriage

You always hear the horror story - shrill, nagging wife concerned about husband's video game "addiction." But Salon brings us an elegant, nuanced tale where the wife recognises she's somehow grown from a hopeful young rock groupie into a nagging shrew, frustrated because her husband won't take his noise-cancelling headphones off.

"If you don't stop playing that game right now, I'm filing for divorce!" I holler. He can't hear me. You know, the headphones.

But this was all BRB, Before Rock Band.

The article's a touching, well-written story about how she stopped worrying and learned to love the Xbox. Rock Band helped this couple find middle ground, and the wife came to understand that using a video game to escape into a fantasy of who you hoped you'd turn out to be can make it a little more fun to be who you are.

How Rock Band saved my marriage [Salon]


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