Rock Band Sells 3 Million Games, 10 Million Songs

Rock Band's new in-game store was introduced for two reasons. One was to make things easier for you as a shopper. The other, more important (for MTV/Harmonix) reason was to make sure you just buy more damn songs. Which seems to have worked a treat, because Viacom have announced that ten million Rock Band songs have now been downloaded, up four million from March 20. Which was only a month-and-a-half ago! They also report that they've sold three million copies of the game itself, which when you consider the vast majority of those would have been bundle sales, is a number that must have the accounts types at Viacom, MTV and Harmonix tickled seven shades of pink.
Rock Band Ships 3 Million; 10 Million Songs Downloaded [GameDaily]


    Wow. Three million sold and maybe one or two of them actually came with a guitar that functioned properly!

    Mine sure didn't, straight from the box it was partially borked, and as I'm Australian EA seem to think I have no rights to warranty cover whatsoever just because they as much on their website.

    Meanwhile, everything that comes with the package says I will be covered, with no geographical exclusions mentioned.

    I guess not being North American I'm just all smelly and ick and not worth the time of day.

    Well, stuff EA for now and eternity. Roll on new Guitar Hero releases - at least their geetaws do the working thang. Although I may have to learn to stomach Aerosmith...


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