Rocketmen To Expand With Uranus In US Today, Tomorrow

Capcom has announced it will be bringing the expansion to Rocketmen: Axis of Evil to the North American PlayStation Store tomorrow with the Xbox Live Arcade version hitting today. Rocketmen: It Came From Uranus will set interested gamers back 400 Microsoft Points or $US 4.95 depending on your console of choice. You will, as with most expansions, need the original release. Full details on what's included in It Came From Uranus is after the jump.

A digitally-distributed add-on to Rocketmen: Axis of Evil

• Players must have already purchased Rocketmen: Axis of Evil in order to play It Came from Uranus
• Continue the Rocketmen saga with your characters from the original game.
• 400 XBLA points / $US 4.95 PSN Store

3 New Weapons
• Blobber: Shoots blobs of goo at enemies, does damage over time in the part of the ground that it covers.
• Beamer: Shoots lighting at enemies, does high intensity damage.
• Bomber: Shoots grenades instead of bullets; grenades explode on impact doing damage.

2 New Secondary Weapons
• Falcon: Robotic falcon that attacks enemies automatically
• Screw bomb: Rocket that turns into a proximity mine on impact

3 New Levels
• Level 11 - Finding Jane: The player must escape the Saturnian prison mine and reclaim Nick's ship, the Icarus Jane.
• Level 12 - Clear the Asteroids: The player must clear a path for the ship through Saturn's rings
• Level 13 - The Plan: The player must make his way through the Saturnian palace and convince Angelica, leader of the Saturnians, to join the Alliance.

New Enemies
• Saturnian Marine
• Saturnian Elite
• Heavy Mining Terra Scientists
• Terra Rocket Marines
• Saturnian Pit Boss
• Saturnian Asteroid Demolition Machine
• Lord Angelica


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