Rockstar Support: Fix for GTA IV Could Be Any Minute or in Days

After waiting two days for a word, any word from Rockstar about the problems plaguing some Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 owners trying to play Grand Theft Auto IV, I returned to the phone this morning to give tech support another call and see how things are on their end.

This time through I talked to a person who walked me through a much longer list of things I should check to make sure it wasn't effecting my gameplay:

Did my harddrive have enough space?
Do I have the latest firmware?
Is my screen saver turned off?
Is vibration turned off?
Are my video settings turned to 720?
Is Autosave off?

If none of those work, I was told, than I need to call back later to tech support to see if they've come up with a solution. The person I spoke with said they haven't heard a thing about a patch coming, but that the problem has been bumped up to their "second level" and a "fix" could arrive in a matter of minutes or three to four days. This elite team is "working around the clock" on a solution, I was told.

"It's like the cure for cancer, people have been working on that for 40 years," they said.

Unlike Rockstar's rapid response to the problems that plagued Bully for the Xbox 360, their reticence to address the issues arising with Grand Theft Auto IV leaves everyone wondering how many people it effects and how serious it is or isn't. Perhaps it's only a small, vocal portion of those who bought the game, perhaps it's much more, but without Rockstar's direct input we have no way of knowing.

[Thanks to JaKE Hoss for the image]


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