Rockstar Support Suggests 12-Step Fix For GTA IV Lock Ups

The number of PlayStation 3 customers who have been affected by Grand Theft Auto IV system freezing may be happening to a "limited number" of the user base, according to Sony, but that doesn't mean it's not a very serious problem. The proposed fix, as suggested by Rockstar technical support, is also serious. A twelve step, system feature encompassing process, according to a report from GameSpot.

The extensive and unconfirmed fix requires that one disable auto saving, one's internet connection, DualShock 3 vibration, the PS3 information bar, and Media Server functions, as well as deleting the PS3's install files, save files and internet cache. It's comprehensive, to say the least.

We would definitely suggest letting us know if you're affected by the issue and if you find the suggested fix to be successful or unsuccessful. In the meantime, we wait for an official, certified fix.

Take-Two suggests PS3 GTAIV fix [GameSpot]


    Have a 60gb PS3 (UK), got the game at launch. Played for around 30hrs, no problem. Then decided to try MP. Now by default I don't sign into the PS3 network so when I selected MP the game wanted me to sign in. I did. Then the game locked up (completely, had to manually switch the PS3 off the PS button did nothing). I tried this about 5 more times after a reboot. Still locked up. So I thought I'll sign in BEFORE the game loads.. The game gets past most of the loading screen but then stalls on the final black screen with "Loading.. and the mission". At this point the PS button IS still active but quitting the game makes the PS3 beep twice and reboot.

    Tried about 3 more times stalled of the loading screen every time. Tried without signing in.. SP worked fine.

    Dude... this really really really sucks.. Is it a defect in the game? or the 60gb consoles?

    I was sooo excited to play the MP but I haven't even seen it once since it just locks everything up..

    I've connected to Multiplayer for, like, 1 minute. And then it goes back to single player with the playstation connection error. My ps3 always sign's me out of psn, but not as much as when i'm playing GTA IV. Really good game. But not a good without multiplayer :(.....

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