Sega Dates Alpha Protocol, Teases Aliens

Sega Gamer's Day earlier this week in San Francico stuck to a "blockbusters" theme, reminding the visiting press that they had just launched a video game based on Iron Man and that another based on The Hulk was coming shortly.

Despite the theme, the games shown after the short presentation were distinctly, movie-themed free featuring, two both the upcoming RPG and traditional Sonic titles, Samba De Amigo, Golden Axe: Beast Rider, Valkyria Chronicles and Empire Total War.

While they didn't show it, Sega of America unveiled a brand new IP, a "spy-action" role-playing game for next-generation consoles called Alpha Protocol. The game, a modern day RPG is being developed by Obsidian for Feb. 2009.

The show wrapped up with a quick teaser video showing off what appeared to be a very slick, high-resolution glimpse of Aliens: Colonial Marines.

In the incredibly short video a camera pans away from a clutch of Alien eggs as a voice, obviously the voice of a Marine talks in the background.

One of the eggs breaks open unleashing a young Alien and you can hear the marine say:

"Wait a minute there's movement, looks to be some kind of bug or something..."

Sega promised to have the game at their booth during this year's E3.


    Hmm.... I think I'd be going for the newer Sonic titles. Those seem to be the center of SEGA's attention nowadays... And this MadWorld, albeit gorey, looks nice. However, I won't be buying MadWorld. Why? The Wii is too damned popular, and is flying off the shelves faster than you can say, "Mario!"

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