Sega Wants Some Of That Monster Hunter Money For Phantasy Star Portable

Sega Wants Some Of That Monster Hunter Money For Phantasy Star Portable
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When Sega announced Phantasy Star Portable for PSP, it seemed like a good fit. The PSP is doing extremely well for itself in Japan currently, and with Phantasy Star Online servers shutting down left and right, a move to a hot platform certainly can’t hurt. With Monster Hunter Portable G 2nd for the PSP moving some 2 million copies in Japan, more group beast slaying and item finding over the internet will almost certainly be welcomed by the Japanese gamer.

Unsurprisingly, when seeing the newly revealed artwork for Phantasy Star Portable, I was immediately reminded of Capcom’s Monster Hunter; surely not an accident on Sega’s part. Gone are the soft illustrations of the pointy-eared character cast from Phantasy Star Online and Phantasy Star Universe, replaced by big action, big dragons and big weapons. The logo? Similarly Monster Hunter-ish in its grittiness.

Probably a step in the right direction for Sega, but we wonder how many Monster Hunter devotees will judge Phantasy Star Portable a worthy purchase by its cover.

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