Sessler, Thompson Square Off On NPR Over Grand Theft Auto IV

X-Play co-host Adam Sessler joined Neal Conan on the NPR radio show Talk of the Nation earlier today to talk about the recent release of Grand Theft Auto IV. While the majority of the segment seemed to focus on relating GTA IV player experiences and informing the NPR audience on the realities, less so the media fantasies, of all things Grand Theft Auto, it took a dive about seven minutes in. That's when John "Jack" Thompson phoned in to drop his special brand of disinformation.

He regurgitated the standard anti-Take-Two spiel—albeit a bit more alliteratively, saying the company is "mentally molesting minors for money"—and threatening that he was working with unspecified law enforcement agencies to bring criminal charges against the publisher and Take-Two chairman Strauss Zelnick. That would be for claims of "graphic sex", not for the purported vandalising of his Miami-area home.

Conan asks if Jack has actually played the game. The answer won't surprise you. The segment is worth a listen, as is NPR's previous coverage of GTA IV. And do stick around for Jack's sign off!

Grand Theft Auto Steals The Spotlight [NPR]


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