Shane Kim Resets Console War Winner To 100 Million

Shane Kim is ready to call the console war. Just as soon as someone sells another 90 million consoles, that is. In a recent interview with Wired's Game|Life, the Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Game Studios says that it's too early to declare a winner, despite colleague Don Mattrick chirping up recently to point out console sales precedents that say otherwise.

We're thankful that Mr. Kim has moved the goal posts, as we had resolved ourselves to the fact that the whole conflict between multi-billion dollar corporations was already over. Thankfully, we have something to look forward to. Shane's lithe dodging of Game|Life's questions about motion sensing controllers for the Xbox 360 and future Rare titles are equally rewarding. Don't miss it.

Microsoft's Shane Kim: First to 100 Million Wins [Game|Life]


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