SingStar: No Worldwide Exclusives, My SingStar Heads Online

SingStar news! First item: SingStar producer Paulina Bozek has told PS3F that unlike certain other music titles available at the moment, the SingStar team have "no interest" in locking certain songs to certain regions of the world. Good news, that comes with a catch: they won't do it on purpose; stuff like licensing issues can still split the stores. Second item: the ultra-cheesy "My SingStar" video repository, which displays 30-second vids of your SingStar performances, is about to move online. Presently, it's available only within the game, but you'll soon be able to view it via a browser, so anyone who does post on it, think twice: your chances of being seen by a friend/loved one are about to go up 100x.

'My SingStar Online will hit the web this year,' says Bozek [PS3 Fanboy]


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