SITE Refutes Fallout 3 Goof, Is Not "Red-Faced"

Intelligence contractor SITE is firing back at the Telegraph, after the UK publication ran an article claiming that the contractor mistook Fallout 3 images for pictures generated by terrorists.

SITE released a statement to clarify its position, stating that it never claimed the images were produced by terrorists, although it didn't admit to knowing from the start that they were video game images. Said the contractor:

SITE reported to its subscribers that extremists posted the image to a password-protected forum affiliated with al-Qaeda. This is entirely accurate. Moreover, this information was part of a report describing the general atmosphere in this forum with regard to extremists' discussions on weapons of mass destruction, making its context all the more important. This report in its entirety is also completely accurate.

It also doesn't like that the Telegraph called it "red faced," either, and says the publication never actually read the report, and nor does it subscribe to its services. Hit the jump for the contractor's full statement:


    I bet this is all an elaborate viral marketing scheme on Bethesda's behalf.

    Or, knowing how nutty the Fallout fanbase is, I wouldn't put it past them to go around posting the images to compliment some sort of terrorist diatribe.


    Well it's not like the Telegraph to overlook facts in favour of an entertaining story.

    The Telecrap is a renowned bastion of lunacy and stupidity, it's like a daily womans mag - big on gossip and pretty pictures but with about as much substance and factual evidence as a poltergeist.

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