Skateboard, Other Controllers Coming to Xbox 360

Is Microsoft answering the Wii Fit's Balance Board with some quirky accessories of its own? Qmotions, a subsidiary of a company called Actiga, announced it's partnering with Microsoft on a range of officially-endorsed third-party peripherals that use the Xbox 360's wireless tech.

Among these will be a Big Air action game controller to be launched in the second half of 2008, which Qmotions says is "a full size skateboard that operates with the Xbox 360 and is compatible with popular skateboarding games." The company had such a product, albeit wired, for the first Xbox compatible with SSX3 and Tony Hawk's American Wasteland

The companies didn't reveal other peripherals beyond the skateboard, nor did they say which games would be compatible with the upcoming products. But Xbox 360 owners, take heart: You, too, will soon be able take off your shoes and stand on something when you want to play video games.

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Actiga Corporation (OTCBB:AGAC), a leading pioneer in active video gaming products and services, today announced that Qmotions, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Actiga, has signed a North American licensing agreement with Microsoft Corporation (Nasdaq:MSFT), allowing Qmotions to incorporate Microsoft's Xbox 360 wireless technology in its game controllers. Under the agreement, Qmotions will produce a full-range of products that will be officially endorsed by Microsoft.

"This is a milestone event for our company that now enables us to design, develop and market a unique range of wireless products, bringing the excitement of action gaming to a whole new level on the Xbox 360 system," said Amro Albanna, chairman and CEO of Actiga. "We are excited to have been chosen as a Microsoft partner, particularly at this early stage of technology development where the award of Microsoft's wireless accessory agreement continues to position us at the cutting edge of technology."

"Our aim with the Xbox 360 system is to broaden the consumer videogame experience and ensure a perfect match between the console, the peripherals and the game," says Scott Loomis, Xbox Third Party Peripheral Program Manager. "Qmotions has proven their commitment to providing a variety of innovative and high quality peripherals to enhance the video gaming adventure. We will work closely with Qmotions to ensure the best experience for our Xbox 360 players."

The first application of the technology will be seen in the second half of 2008 when Qmotions launches a new line of wireless active game controllers. The company's first wireless product introduction will be the Qmotions-Big Air action game controller, a full size skateboard that operates with the Xbox 360 and is compatible with popular skateboarding games.


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