So...How Many Fingers?

Question time. Gaffer zoukka has been staring at GTA IV's promo art a little too long. He's noticed something. Check the girly's fingers. He thinks there's six. Six isn't normal. I think there's five and some accidental linework on the part of the artist. Question is: what do you think?

Does she have six fingers (is thumb a finger?) or am I crazy? [zoukka @ NeoGAF]


    It must be an ingame joke from rockstar

    Lol yeah could be a ingame joke.. but I definitely see 5 fingers not including the thumb.. so yeah.. 6 lol

      Its actually a media method used to make people remember it. Its a strange concept but the mind remembers images that are not quite correct even if they are not noticable at first. It has been done in the past and has also been proven to work.


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