Some Politicians Can Have Fun With Video Games

Sometimes it seems the job description of a politician includes not having fun with things the kids like, because, well, think of the dignity of the office or something. P'shaw. Dallas' mayor must have been thinking of the coolness of the office when he kicked off a 24-hour Guitar Hero III fund-raising marathon on Friday.

Mayor Tom Leppert, 53, made sweet sweet love to his main axe with "Hit Me With Your Best Shot," craning the guitar neck up and grimacing dramatically. Sure he handed it off to his 11-year-old "personal Guitar Hero coach" Aaron Blackmon mid-song. But Leppert got it back to drop to his knees for the big finish.

"I might not have hit the keys, but boy I sure got the style points," Leppert said. Aaron says the mayor is "good for his level," (ouch) but that he shouldn't play Guitar Hero as a career.

"The heck with this mayor stuff," Leppert replied.

Leppert was matched against Blockbuster CEO Jim Keyes, whom Leppert accused of practicing for "hours and hours" to get "School's Out" right. When Keyes started his licks, Leppert stuffed $5 bills in his guitar strap and half-heartedly interfered with the guitar's signal back to the console.

The fund-raiser hopes to raise $US 625,000 for the mayor's "Igniting Opportunity for the Children of Dallas Campaign." This is part of leadership, too — having fun at an event that's supposed to be fun. Good on Mayor Leppert.

Dallas Mayor Leppert Jams at Blockbuster Charity Event [Dallas Morning News, via GamePolitics]


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