Someone Is Sinking $US 200 Million In To Pac-Man, Castlevania Movies

Variety reports that Crystal Sky Pictures has signed a deal that will secure them $US 200 million in financing, money that's going to be used to fund films like Castlevania, a sequel to John Woo's Hard Boiled and among others... *sigh* Pac-Man. While we've known that Paul W. S. Anderson and Sylvain White's Castlevania was back on track, it's been a couple years since we've heard any chatter on the big screen adaptation of Pac-Man. Can it possibly match the fan-made version?

Crystal Sky is currently involved in producing the Tekken movie, a film that we just had our first peek at. We can only imagine that the Pac-Man flick won't be targeting the over-12 demographic, but desperately hope for something live action and thoroughly awful.

Crystal Sky signs $200 million deal [Variety]


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