Sony Gamers Day UK Info Dump: Resistance 2 to SOCOM Confrontation

socom_rep.jpg The press releases from today's London Gamers Day just dropped and boy are they packed. This one goes over some of the way Playstation 3 gamers can go head-to-head or play cooperatively on their console and includes some small details on Resistance 2, SOCOM: Confrontation, Warhawk: Operation Broken Mirror and Haze.

As mentioned earlier, Resistance 2 will hit in November with eigh player co-op, 60 player multiplayer and a new story featuring more Chimera enemies.

All we know about SOCOM is that it's coming out later this year and will include headset support and the ability to spectate.

Hit the jump for the bull breakdown on all four games from the official press release.


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