Sony, MS Provide Fresh Spin On GTA IV Sales

First week sales figures provided by Microsoft, courtesy of unnamed retailers, put sales of Grand Theft Auto IV at 60% for the Xbox 360 version, 40% for the PlayStation 3 version. A win, undoubtedly, for Microsoft. N'Gai Croal of Level Up got his hands on some GameStop-only sales data, which puts the percentage more accurately at 64% on the Microsoft side, 36% on the Sony side.

Argh! Not accurate enough, for our tastes! Fortunately, we'll be able to more obsessively split hairs on the matter later this week, when NPD data is revealed, but for now we have some expertly sculpted spin to enjoy!


    Awesome, I was just thinking that Kotaku needs more stories that do nothing more than fuel fanboy hatred. If it's 60/40, 64/36 or even 5/95, seriously, who gives a shit apart from a few overpaid corporate execs who get bragging rights? It's still a great game on both systems.

    360 > ps3. America > Japan. The natural order has been restored, go Microsoft.

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