Spare 15 Minutes For This Red Alert 3 Demo

You may think there's better things you can do with 15 minutes. Tidy your room, for example. Marinate tomorrow night's steak dinner. Take a slightly-too-long dump while you finish a chapter in that book you're reading. All good things, but come on, if you can spare the time for those, you can spare the time for a 15-minute walkthrough of Red Alert 3 gameplay. Construction, combat, the works.

[via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


    Cosmitz: Yeah I'm bashing Generals AND C&C 3, and being a lifelong fan I'll continue to do so, because neither lived up to the promises, and EA spat all over the community's desires for C&C 3.

    This however, this is so far living up to what I want from the game, unlike C&C 3 I don't see a bevy of features RIPPED from the game for no good reason, I see most intact and others added.

    To the *revisionists* claiming RA was serious, the first game, wake up, Einstein Assassinating Hitler? Kane appearing beside Stalin? A hot chick with automatic pistols cutting down whole armies? "Ore"? Mobile gap generators? Big trucks that dump highly sensitive mines all over an area? Mammoth tanks? Mobile Radar jammers? MCVs? RA was cheesy, had plenty of unintentional camp, and I loved it, I loved the sequel, and I'm eagerly awaiting this.

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