Square Enix Lose Money, Need More Greenbacks

OH. OH. So this is why Square-Enix boss Yoichi Wada said they needed to "go beyond traditional Square Enix". The company have released their FY2007 financial results, which not only show them losing money (with a 20% drop in profits), but losing a ton of Western market share in the process. The company's performance in the US should be of particular concern (Europe, it did OK), as it dropped like a rock, from 6.1 million games sold in FY2006 (during which FFXII was released) compared to only 3.7 million last year, while sales were up in Japan, from 7.2 million sold to 7.5 million. Guess Japan love them some remakes of games they've already played! And America, well, America notsomuch.


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