SR-388: The Bigger, Badder, Not A Metroid II Remake Fan Project

We shan't be lacking Metroid fan made games any time soon, it seems, as news of Von Richter's take on the adventures of Samus Aran looks to outdo "Project AM2R" in features and function. "SR-388," as it's known, boasts thousand of frames of animation, mini-games, new weapons, new mini-bosses and more, as it's more of a re-imagining than a graphical spit-shine. It looks just super and will hopefully give me, personally, the chance to revisit Planet SR-388 without having to compromise my strict graphics whore principles.


    Very impressive music and graphics, now all it needs is a decent story and an playable demo and you got your self a game. Obviouslly it's far more beautyful than "project AM2R", but whats belligernt beauty without conceptual narrative brains?

    Hello can I join this conversation? Perhaps I can leave you with a few questions or maybe even a open minded segestion.
    Ok let me start off with a respectful compliment, great job. Next I'll like to see more content rather than clips, perhaps you can make a speed run video. last I leave with some three questions.
    1.) How long did it take to make this?
    2.) Have you guys ever consider working with your rivals?
    3.) Have you guys picth this idea to Nitendo?

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