Talking To The DBZ: Burst Limit Demo

In case you missed it, the Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit demo went up on Xbox Live this morning, and in case you aren't near your Xbox 360 to play it, I went ahead and took care of that for you. Witness me finally triumphing over the auto focus demon! Thrill as I kick Raditz's hippie arse! Revel in my random button-mashing!

Not too shabby really. I'll definitely be picking the game up, if only to lord having it over my nephew. It's the tiny victories that matter.



    I'm in Australia with a gold account and can't see any DBZ demo? Not in spotlight or new release.


    u are so full of it, do you enjoy lying to ur dbz fans. u make me sick it is now saturday 24 may and there is no burst limit on 360 live marketplace. i was so excited when i read ur post and so disapointed when i logged on xbox live only to realise it wasnt there. scum. you deserve to buy me a copy when it does come out.

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