Terminator Owners To Release Philip K Dick Games

You sitting down, sci-fi nerds? Halcyon - who now own the rights to the whole Terminator franchise - have secured the option to develop a number of films and games based on the works of Philip K Dick. At this stage, two games are planned. There's no word on just which of Dick's 44 novels and 120 short stories yet to be adapted (obviously people already own the rights to Total Recall, Minority Report, etc) will be picked up, so fans can go right ahead and start pencilling in their own personal top-fives while we wait for a fleshier announcement.

He'll be back, several times - possibly [The Guardian]


    Oh woe is me!
    What are videogames these days?
    Four things:
    - Racing
    - Sport
    - Puzzle
    - Killing/Beating up lots of enemies (In a huge variety of ways, but in the end, you're snuffing SOMETHING)

    Now I've read my fair share of Philip K Dick, in fact, you could say I love the Dick... *cough*
    So I can assure you there is no PKD story where one person kills a few thousand baddies, one at a time.

    Basically, it's a PKD-themed game we're getting. May as well be a PKD amusement park ride.
    Do Androids Dream of Hitting Five Gees in 3 Seconds?

    Pretty much all of them could only work as adventure games. I'd play Ubik

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