TGS 2008 Official Poster And Slogan (Both Kinda Stink)

The Tokyo Game Show has announced its official poster and slogan. The poster (pictured) features sayings in various languages. The English ones are "Go for it!", "Fantastic!!" and "Here's a break!" Pretty sure I've never said "Here's a break!" in my life. Like ever. The official slogan doesn't get much better. It is:

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Saa, ikou! GAME no jikan desu. (Let's go! It's GAME time.)

So profound. Makes "Here's a break!" sound like utter drivel. TGS runs October 9th to the 12th with the first two days being business days. Over 170 companies will be participating and organizers expect 180,000 total attendees.

TGS 2008 [CESA]


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