That Be A Fine Pair Of Shooting Shoes

shoegun.jpgBeing a guy, the shoe is an entirely functional object – like a screwdriver or robot. I don’t stand in front of shop windows staring with glazed eyes at expensive Manolo Blahniks. I just don’t.

I do, however, have to admire female footwear that pays tribute not only to firearms, but a game as well (even if incidental). The shot on the left is from Platinum Games’ Bayonetta. The image on the right is from Karl Lagerfeld’s Cruise 2009 collection. Yes, they’re gun shoes. Yes, Karl’s a fashion designer.

Fancy footwear indeed. If only my calves weren’t so dainty. And I was a chick.

Gun Shoes – Fashion imitates games [Lesbian Gamers]


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