The Associated Press "Disappointed" By WiiWare Games

While the buzz on the initial WiiWare games has been pretty good, the Associated Press isn't have any of it. No siree! The PSN and Xbox Live Arcade are given good marks for a "consistent supply of fresh software," Nintendo's effort is pooh-poohed. According to AP:

Nintendo's WiiWare games are disappointing... None of the six games in the WiiWare launch lineup is as addictive as, say, "Puzzle Quest" or "Geometry Wars," but there are many more offerings on the way.

Definitely, there are more on the way! WiiWare is just finding its feet, so it's a bit premature to nix Nintendo's effort. Want to see how the Associated Press rated the current WiiWare titles? That, after the jump.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King
"You can build a respectable town fairly quickly, and if you get hooked, you can buy more content online. But it's hard to escape the feeling that all the real fun is happening offstage."
Two stars out of four

"The wind controls are innovative but frustratingly imprecise, making it hard to pull off basic moves just because the wind doesn't act the way you expect. It's an interesting experiment, probably worth the $10."
Two and a half stars

TV Show King
"Here's a decent trivia quiz for your next party."
Two and a half stars

Defend Your Castle
"'DYC' builds slowly into complete chaos, and benefits from clever graphics that look like the scrawlings of a bored schoolboy.
Two and a half stars

"It's much too simple to hold your attention for very long, and just doesn't have the addictive quality of the best puzzle games."
One star

VIP Casino: Blackjack
"There's no tournament play, no online competition and not much in the way of visual distraction. It's amusing for about 10 minutes."
One star

Fret not! The WiiWare games will get better. It's called progress!

AP Reviews WiiWare Games [The Boston Herald via Gay Gamer]


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