The BBC Tackles Wii Fit Fat Kids

Similar to the story from a few weeks back,BBC Health has a video up today tackling the issue of another poor little girl who was told she was overweight by the game. Looking at the girl it is obvious that she is slender, and the fact that she told her mother she wanted to go on a diet after the game's diagnosis is very disturbing.

Weight is a bit of a sensitive issue with me, having recently spent the better part of three years living with someone with a serious eating disorder. While I can certainly understand that the issues of weight and health need to be addressed, I'm just not sure a video game, especially on a system that encourages people to play together, is the right place to address it. The only thing worse than a machine telling you (erroneously even) that you are overweight is having it happen while surrounded by your closest friends.

Computer game tells 'porkies' [BBC Health - Thanks B!]


    Wow. I was expecting them just to dish it out at the wii and tell the kid to stick to real jump rope and crap, totally ignoring how stupid BMI is. Boy was I wrong.

    This is probably user error. The girl in the news story matches my stepdaughter, with a BMI of 19, accurately measured as such by the Wii Fit, and classed as "Ideal".

    This story has rocketed around the internet without anyone showing any evidence that it happened. It's been a lesson for me, because it shows that most journalists just report what they read in (other) newspapers.

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