The PSP Is Sony's Gateway Drug

Marijauana, a gateway drug? What is this, the mid-90s? No. Today, kids have far more discerning tastes, and will first experiment with a PlayStation Portable before, after a few parties with their new, "cool" friends (who their parents most definitely do not approve of), stepping up to a full-blown addiction on the heavier shit, like a PlayStation 3. Least, that's what SCEA's John Koller thinks, as speaking at the (*breath*) Wedbush Morgan Securities Management Access Conference in NYC, he says loads of people have picked up the PSP as their "first" console, which has later convinced them to upgrade to a $US 400-a-year PS3 & Blu-Ray habit. Be warned, parents: if you see your child playing around on a PSP, and do nothing, don't complain to us when you wake up one morning and your DVD player's missing, your wallet's short $US 50 and your son has passed out on the couch in front of the Blu-Ray version of Planet Earth.

PSP is "gateway drug" to consoles, says SCEA []


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