The Sims & IKEA Are An Exercise In Tasteful Product Placement

For all their squiddly-squaddly talk and propensity for dying in fires, nobody plays The Sims because of The Sims. They play it to design a house, then fill said house with loads of designer furniture. So this latest Sims expansion - Sims 2 IKEA Home Stuff - is a logical step. For both parties! Now, before fans worry over whether the Swedish furniture giant's range will be incorporated tastefully into the game, this bullet-point from the game's EA Store page should answer your question:

Indulge your Sims with an office that is sure to promote order and productivity with its elegant Vika Hyttan desk, inspiring Kila desk lamp, bold Helmer drawer unit, and Lack zigzag wallshelf.

That's a no, then.
SIMS 2™ IKEA Home Stuff [EA Store, via Infinite Sims]


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