The Top 5 Nonviolent Things to Do in GTA

Naturally, no one's going to chop together video of this, Youtube it and get it in Jack Thompson's hellfire-and-damnation spree of legal motions. But Popular Mechanics wrote up a list of five nonviolent pastimes in Grand Theft Auto IV and, surprisingly, you can spend a lot of time entertaining yourself with them.

1. Listen to the rockin' radio
2. Swim out of a car accident
3. Drive like you mean it
4. One up Google's NYC street view
5. Meet the neighbourhood strangers

Whether or not this is a palatable way to spend time playing a game, it underlines the point that Grand Theft Auto is a game of choices in a wide open environment. Yes you can kill hookers. Yes you can shoot cops. Yes you can run over bystanders. If that's your choice. You can also eat hot dogs all day, watch TV and go sightseeing, if you're not a sociopath. I play it somewhere in between.

Top 5 Non-Violent Things You Can Do in Grand Theft Auto IV [Popular Mechanics]


    Misread the title, thought it said 'Top 5 Most Violent Thing to Do in GTA'. Disappointed.

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