The Wii Homebrew Channel: Pretty And Unofficial

The sole purpose of The Homebrew Channel (or HBC) is to provide hobby Wii developers and curious gamers a simpler way to run custom apps on their Nintendo console. With HBC, there's no need for the Twilight Princess hack, though a copy of the game and a "modified" save file are required for it to work. The video here shows HBC in action, complete with a smoothly emulated showing of Gobliiins.

This has to be the easiest (and best presented) hack I've seen to get homebrew software running on a console. It has fancy animated waves for crying out loud!

The Homebrew Channel [Official site, via Slashdot]


    Yeah this thing is freakin awesome. And you do need that copy of Twilight princess and the hacked savegame for the initial install. But after that, just run stuff from the channel itself.

    ps - Full Throttle and Monkey Island 2 on the Wii are like the best Wii games ever :)

    Homebrew Channel + Gecko Region Free = No need to swap freeloader and game discs every time I want to play an import. RAD!

    It's amazing how far wii hacking has come in such a short time. This is, undoubtedly, a fantastic piece of software.

    It'll be good times until Nintendo shits on the parade with a menu update as I'm sure they're already planning. Oh well, it's not like theres many good reasons to keep my wii connected to the internet anyway!

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