The Worst, Most NSFW PlayStation Ad Ever

We're not sure who advertising agency TBWA is appealing to here with this PlayStation 3 ad. Sure, the abs are washboard-like and the pecs appear to be rippling, but the tiny phallus safely hidden behind a Kotaku NSFW Fish isn't going to go over well with anybody but the most specific of fetishists—say men who dream of fucking a DualShock. Maybe there's some cross-cultural misunderstanding here—I'll admit to not being brushed up on my Austrian marketing—but if I were to wake up with a wee penis-digit, I'd be concerned less with draping my shirt over my perfect physique and buying PlayStation 3 games than I would be with sticking my head in the oven.

The full ad, hosted at the link below (alternately viewable in big, uncensored size right here) is definitely not safe for work unless your employer is cool with you checking out expertly groomed pubic hair and Photoshopped schlongs. You've been warned!

Sony PlayStation 3: Thumb [Ads of the World via Gawker]


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