There Are Talks of MORE Street Fighter Movies

They're still making the Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li flick, and yet, there's already talks of sequels! The film's scribe Justin Marks, who's also adapting Voltron and HE-MAN for the silver screen, says:

There are always plans [for sequels] . We've seen this as being a really drawn-out way to explore the Street Fighter world. Start small, then go bigger and bigger, bringing in more characters and eventually spinning it horizontally to explore other threads and origin stories.

Meaning if this movie does halfway decent, we can possibly look forward to the likes of Street Fighter: The Legend of Ryu, Street Fighter: The Legend of Guile and Street Fighter: The Legend of Dan. They probably should've started with Dan. You can only go up!
Justin Marks on SF [JoBlo via Capcom Blog][Pic]


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