There Is A Beyond Good & Evil 2 (Sort Of)

It's OK. Rub your eyes. I did. But it's true: Beyond Good & Evil creator Michel Ancel has told French magazine JeuxVideo that work on a sequel to one of the past decade's most underappreciated titles is underway. And not just underway, but it's been underway for around a year now, with 10-12 staff toiling away on pre-production duties. Good news, yes? Well, sit back down, Mr Bernard Excitey-Pants, because there's a catch: Ubisoft have yet to green-light the project and kick it up into full production. Yes, I'm as confused and angry as you are. No, I have no idea why the hell they're stalling on this.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 en pr├ęproduction [JeuxVideo, via VG247]


    This is a vergeance in the force. It must come into being for the universe to fulfill it's destiny etc etc rant rant.

    That french dude KNOWS his stuff. He should get the green light ASAP.

    To this day, BG&E remains one of the most skilful blends of game mechanics, memorable characters, art direction and unique vision - I _still_ reccommend the original to gaming vets and virgins alike.

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