These Are the Five Worst DS Games

Man, there are so many great games for the Nintendo DS. It's silly! But with all those great games, there are some real stinkers. Really bad games that are pure uncut shovelware. Game site Infendo has a good round-up of not so good DS games. Here they are, are you ready, the five worst games according to Metacritic:
5. Peter Jackson's King Kong
4. Rhythm'n Notes: Improve Your Music Skills
3. Homie Rollerz
2. Wiffle Ball
1. Deal or No Deal
Someone made a game based on wiffle ball? That's amazing. It gets better, the game was even packaged with a plastic bat and wiffle ball. Telling.

And yes, please do feel free to add to this list. You know, to warn the others.

Top Five Worst [Infendo]


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