This Hands-Free Super Mario World Level Plays Sweet, Sweet Music

By now, you must have seen the custom made Super Mario World levels that require no player, no controller to pass. They simply let Mario and Yoshi do their thing, as buttons, switches and blocks boost them through each level. None of those user created levels are as impressive as this 11-minute monster, which uses the sound effects from those switch-hits and Koopa Troopa stomps to make beautiful music. My untrained ears can pick out but a few recognisable tunes—Mega Man 2 and Super Mario World, I don't know from Haruhi and Lucky Star—but song list help in the comments is more than welcome. Thanks to Spann for pointing us in its direction.

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    one of them sounds like xenopittan, from xenogears or something i believe

    all i can say is.

    w t f?

    that was CRAZY. love it.

    Can i get the rom for this Id like to see it in action on emulator

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