Today Was Nazi, Bikini Lady, Toilet Paper

To: Crecente
From: Ashcraft

This morning: Went to the gas station. Another customer, a man on a motorcycle pulled up. He was wearing S.S. Nazi garb — shit thee not. His jacket had an eagle on it with the S.S. insignia and a swastika. An inscription read "In Hitler Solidarity." Maybe he doesn't know, maybe he can't read German! :/

This afternoon: Went to Kyoto to interview a bikini lady. Ten minutes into the interview, she points out that I am wearing a wedding ring. I proceed to talk incessantly about my wife's morning sickness and my son's TOMY car collection and my excitement for the new baby — which we've so far named after a character in a Miyazaki film. Bikini lady looks annoyed.

This evening: Went to the supermarket. Bought the most amazing toilet paper. Well, it's not the *most* amazing toilet paper, but it's pretty great. Perhaps, I'll take a snap of it for time. OH, THE SUSPENSE.

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