Training Sessions For… Nintendogs & Animal Crossing?

nintendogs.jpgNintendogs is the sort of game I never understood the appeal of. If you want to play with, feed and raise a dog, why not buy a real one?

Still, if you, or a friend, is having trouble getting to grips with Nintendo’s puppy simulator, the Australian Centre for Moving Image down in Melbourne is holding a “training session” on May 15 between 6 and 7PM. The session will also include beginner’s help for Animal Crossing.

At the very least, it’s a great way to introduce someone to the DS and the world of casual gaming. Heck, you could even make a date out of it. Maybe. Probably not.

More details after the jump.

Nintendo DS Training Sessions at ACMI
– nintendogs and Animal Crossing for beginners –

Brush up on your nintendogs and Animal Crossing skills, or come along and learn about the games this Thursday 15 May, 6:00pm at ACMI, Federation Square.

Nintendo will be holding nintendogs and Animal Crossing beginners’ classes and everyone is welcome. Whether you have played these games or not, come along and learn about two of Nintendo’s most popular and unique games on Nintendo DS.

In Animal Crossing you call the shots in a completely unique world. Own a home, go to work, make friends and celebrate holidays and special events, and with the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection you can visit friends all over the real world or welcome them into your town! Find out how at the training sessions.

nintendogs allows you to have your very own pet puppy inside your Nintendo DS! Select from multiple breeds, care for and train your puppy using the touch screen and microphone. nintendogs is a unique game where you actually use your finger on the touch screen to scratch your puppy’s stomach! Come along and learn more about nintendogs.

Giveaways and exclusive downloads will be available on the night. If you have a copy of either game, bring them along with your Nintendo DS.

Event Details:

What: nintendogs and Animal Crossing beginners’ training session

When: Thursday 15 May, 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Where: ACMI, Screen Pit Room, Federation Square, Flinders Street Melbourne

Visit: for more information on nintendogs

Visit: for more information on Animal Crosssing


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